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  • O-ring for PTFE
O-ring for PTFE

O-ring for PTFE

Oring with PTFE coated
1.PTFE FEP/PFA encapsulated O Ring are designed to combine the sealing
properties of the rubber O Ring with the chemical resistance of PTFE.
2.They are generally manufactured
rubber or silicone rubber and are coated in a thin molded layer of FEP
or PFA.
3.This provides a unique seal popular for high friction and aggressive chemica
l applications. FEP encapsulated ORings are our most common and are resistant to solvents and chemicals.
4.They have a low coefficient of friction and a very low permeability to gases
making them suitable for harsh environments.
5.PTFE Encapsulated O Ring also have a good elastomeric memory


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