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FFPM or FFKM O-ring

FFPM or FFKM O-ring

The compression deformation rate at 300 C is only below 50%. The working temperature range of ordinary perfluorinated rubber is - 25 ~240 ~C. The high temperature resistance of Kalrez 7075 can reach 327 ~C. Even when exposed to the constant temperature of 316 ~343 ~C or intermittent high temperature environment, the hardening and embrittlement of sealing failure will not occur. Kalrez can still maintain its elasticity and resilience in direct contact with the immersion of corrosive fluid. In fact, the thermal stability of Kalrez often exceeds that of the fluids themselves. Perfluororubber also has excellent air tightness (vacuum resistance up to 1.33X10-7-1.33X10-8pa), high cleanliness and ionomer resistance, which are widely used in semiconductor industry


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