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Encapsulated Viton O-Rings

FEP/PFA Encapsulated Silicone & Viton® O-Rings 


The Encapsulated O-ring consists of a Teflon (FEP/PFA) plastic layer and a rubber core, which effectively combines the elasticity and sealing properties of the rubber with the chemical resistance of Teflon, and the surface is dense and uniform without seams.

2、classification :

FEP:Temperature resistant -30°C -220°C, can be used at 260°C for a short time

PFATemperature resistant -30°C -260°C, can be used at 300°C for a short time

Double-layer PTFE PTFE:-50°C - 260°C, special strong corrosion


3、Application industry and equipment

Chemical industry, petrochemical, medical technology, food, sewage treatment, steel, machinery manufacturing, film industry, refrigeration technology, semiconductor industry, etc.

Main application equipment: mechanical seals, pressure vessels, gas compressors, reaction vessels, heat exchangers, pumps and valves, flanges, etc.



Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

low friction coefficient

low compression set

temperature range: -60-205,

unlimited specifications

FPA certified


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