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PTFE coating production for oil seal and oring

PTFE coating production:

The rubber lip P1'FE coating technology is a newly developed technology, and the AF coating material used guarantees PTFE and

Rubber bonding provides a low level of friction and friction throughout the life of the bond. AF coating is a new

Solid lubricant material made of PTFE solid lubricant particles and Mos2 bonded by organic or inorganic binders

Good liquid compatibility, combined with bonding characteristics and high load resistance.

The effective adhesion of rubber to PE coating is attributed to the resin binder to promote the PTFE solid particle fraction.


l, prepare a uniform AF coating liquid, which mainly has PTFE solid lubricating particles, Mos2, organic or inorganic adhesive

And additive composition.

2. Spray or dip the prepared AF coating solution evenly on the surface of the oil seal.

3. Dry the sprayed oil seal under certain temperature conditions.

The thickness of the Af coating directly affects the life of the oil seal, and its value should be greater than the surface roughness of the shaft. The thickness of the coating on the surface of the oil seal is measured.

About 20 baht. When the oil is packaged on the shaft to start working, part of the PTFE coating will transfer from the oil seal to the shaft surface, the contact force

Will cause the PTFE membrane to cover the surface of the shaft tightly until it covers the surface roughness, which will make the shaft smoother.

To reduce theApplication of PTFE coating technology in oil seals

At present, reducing the friction of the oil seal is an urgent need of many customers, resulting in additional power loss due to excessive friction.

Wear of the speed shaft and increase the frequency of repair and replacement of the seal. For the moment, the method of reducing friction is based on structural design.

Lowering the tightening force of the oil seal on the shaft, for example, the design of the wavy lip, and on the other hand reducing the lip from the material and surface treatment

The coefficient of friction, for example, rubber lip PTFE paste, rubber lip PTFE coating, where rubber lip PTFE coating

Most highly respected by the industry.

l, PTFE material properties:

PTFE is currently the most widely used self-lubricating material with a low coefficient of friction and resistance to wear. Its chemical structure is:


One [—C—C--]—n


It has excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance to all chemicals, and the coefficient of friction of the material is known as solid material.

The lowest of the materials, the static and dynamic friction coefficient of steel is O. 04, the friction coefficient of nylon, polyoxymethylene, polyester plastic is small, there are

Known as the “Plastic King”, it is suitable for making corrosion-resistant parts, reducing wear parts, seals, insulation parts and medical equipment. ' One

The performance of the seal has a great impact on the efficiency and performance of the entire machine. PTFE material has corrosion resistance

Corrosion, aging resistance, low friction coefficient and non-stickiness, wide temperature range and good elasticity make it very suitable for manufacturing corrosion resistance

High corrosion requirements, long-term use of a temperature of 200 ° C ~ 260 ° C seals, because the friction coefficient of the material is known solid materials

Lowest material

 friction coefficient. PTFE coating can be applied to the entire oil seal surface, in order to reduce consumption, PTFE coating is generally

Apply to the main lip and dust lip area of the oil seal.


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