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How do you remove the flash from the rubber parts

How do you remove the flash from the rubber parts, i give some of my insight below : 

1、Our Deflashing Service is often used by molders who work with silicone rubber. Silicone rubber, by its nature, is very viscous causing it to flash during the molding process. We deflash parts made of liquid silicone rubber and even special blends of silicone rubber that include conductive fillers such as silver, graphite, nicke

 2、Cryogenic deflashing based on liquid nitrogen (LIN), using freezing, tumbling and blasting action to remove flash from injection-moulded plastic parts 

3、using carbon dioxide particles (dry ice) at a temperature of -78.5°C as a blasting agent to deburr/deflash plastic parts 

These deflashing applications are effective for parts moulded from the widest range of materials including nylon, rubber, silicone rubber, polyurethane, neoprene, liquid crystal polymer, urethane, Viton, polycarbonate, PTFE, PPS, Delrin, polypropylene, EPDM, nitrile, butyl, DAP, ABS, PEEK, acetal and elastomer, and also for precision parts made with zinc and aluminium die casts. we are looking forward to your insights and possibilities for future cooperation 

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