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Wiper introduction

The dust ring is installed on the piston rod to prevent external dust from mixing into the reciprocating seal of the hydraulic cylinder.

Precautions for the use of dust-proof rings: All dust-proof rings cannot bear pressure, that is, they have no sealing function. Its function is only to prevent dust and must be used in conjunction with other seals; the lip and piston of the dust-proof ring should be avoided in the design The rod hole or the opposite side of the wrench touches and causes it to be cut.

The dustproof ring is applied to the hydraulic and pneumatic piston rod, and its main function is to remove the dust attached to the outer surface of the piston cylinder and prevent sand, water and pollutants from entering the sealed cylinder.

Most of the dust ring in actual use is made of rubber material. Its working characteristic is dry friction. This requires rubber material to have particularly good wear resistance and low compression set performance. In recent years, new types of dust-proof seals that use other materials and rubber materials have been gradually promoted, such as the combination of PTFE and O-rings. This combination of seals has a good sealing effect. The service life is long, and the application is becoming more and more extensive.

There are more and more types of dust-proof rings, which can be divided into many types according to their functions, characteristics, structure types, and sealing mechanisms.
①According to the structure: rectangular dust-proof sealing ring; chamfered dust-proof sealing ring; foot-shaped dust-proof sealing ring; J-shaped dust-proof sealing ring; triangular dust-proof sealing ring.
②According to functions: single-acting dust-proof sealing ring; double-acting dust-proof sealing ring.
According to whether there is a skeleton or not: no skeleton dust-proof seal ring; skeleton-type dust-proof seal ring.
④According to whether the combination is divided into: single type dustproof seal ring; combined type dustproof seal ring

The dust ring can be divided into lip dust ring, Tecom combination dust ring, and Zokon combination dust ring. The lip dust ring can be divided into framed lip dust ring and non-framed lip dust ring. lock up.
(1) Skeleton lip dust ring: it uses the interference fit between the frame and the cavity hole to achieve anti-falling. The lip of the dust ring is flush with the end of the cylinder head. This structure can protect the lip from external causes. Damaged, mostly used in construction machinery, garbage trucks and other mobile machinery where the lips are easily damaged.
(2) Non-framework lip dust-proof ring: It is installed in the closed groove at the front end of the cylinder head, and the lip must be slightly protruded from the end of the cylinder head during design so that the dirt blocked by the lip can be easily removed. This structure is easy to install and has the widest application. It can be used for general industrial hydraulics, walking hydraulics and pneumatics.
(3) Tecom combination dustproof ring (PTFE+rubber): It uses the elasticity of the (O-ring) to compensate the worn PTFE lip in real time, and it is equipped with O-shaped materials of different materials. After laps, it can be used in high speed, high temperature and special working medium occasions.
(4) Zorcon combination dustproof ring (polyurethane ten rubber): Not commonly used, the structure is the same as that of Tecom combination dustproof ring, the difference is that the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) part is changed to polyurethane (PU). It uses the elasticity of the O-ring to compensate the worn polyurethane (PU) lip for real-time wear. Its advantage is that it has a longer life than the ordinary lip dust ring.

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